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The End of the Journey, letting it go, is Transcendent







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In the beginning, there was an idea, continuously evolving, to create something as a legacy. A such long journey is never so easy; you must balance the sequence, story by story while building the chronology brick by brick. You must get into a relationship with the characters you make, nurture them with reality and experience over time-span of ten years: and here comes the most difficult part; when it comes to an end and obviously it will be; YOU HAVE TO LET THEM GO. Some of them may will be here, maybe some of them who started it all may not be. Whatever it is, the thing is, the things won’t be the same. Things can end up to such that you may end up loving and missing the person you have been hating so much for past ten years, you may never appreciate again the person who has been there with will not superpower but may be not anymore. But whatever it is, it comes to an end. The makers put all of their ideas altogether giving up all emotions except the emotion of reality of a maker – the best justice to that is, as an audience, you may keep it in your valuable memory to tell your grandkids but in the present, let it go. And move on – because that is wise and Transcendent.