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When I was walking into the theatre to watch Majili, I was unsure why I was watching it except for a close person's recommendation. However, I walked in hoping for a good show. The movie kicked off slowly revealing the journey of Purna (Naga Chaitanya's character) from an invincible teenage cricketer to giving up cricket to becoming a heart-broken husband moaning over his lost love even after a couple of years of marriage. Sravani (Samantha) and the wife character which secretly moans about the plight of her marriage all through. The movie ends with last minute drama leading to a 'happily ever after' arrangement.

To me, this movie was not a treat, but a plea to accept. To my surprise, people accepted too, making it a hit. It would take me hours to pen down all my disappointment but I would like to put the zist of it here - people just love mind-less drama - so much so that they become emotional robots crying along with any character that cries, discarding any sense of basic moral/ideological judgement of characters/the story on the whole.

Coming down to actor performances, only Samantha shined. Naga Chaitanya's 70% screen time was not entertaining to me. The kid who played the adopted daughter performed alright. All the other characters are virtually non-existent and non-appealing. The only music bit that was impactful was the song 'Priyatama'. Direction, cinematography and any other intermittently good elements in the story were overshadowed by the mediocrity in story and characterization, to me. All in all, I fail still to understand what makes mediocre content a box office hit.