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Totally missed the point - how to finish with a thrill







Leading Actors

Supporting Actors

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Background Score

Visual Effects

Vinci Da was a movie with opportunities. Director like Srijit Mukherji is totally trustworthy with this kind of movie. But for some reasons it fails to achieve and those problems is in the main pillar of the movie - story. Scribed by Rudranil Ghosh  &  Srijit Mukherji, the story really stands out on paper. But inside the movie repeated sequences kill the suspense in second half. I expected to get enlighten only at the end, not with this movie. You will guess the whole only watching the first half. So Screenplay and Story could not stand out.

Acting is delivered as expected. Rudranil Ghosh, Ritwik Chakraborty, Sohini Sarkar did their job like a charm. As a supporting cast Anirban Bhattacharya and Bharat Kaul also show excellence. Rest of the cast also did their best. Personally I think Ritwik has an edge over Rudranil this time. Few songs here and there by Anupam Roy did nothing good or bad for this type of thriller. Rather than songs I will prefer strong background score any day.

Speaking of technicality, all domains are just hit the average mark. Camera works are okeish. Expected one or two non-generic thriller movement - which did not happen. Visual elements also demand more polishing. Non verbal expressions could provide more meaning. So that suspense can have a scope for build up. Due to that in some places discontinuity took the place of suspense.

That's all from me for Vinci Da. It was definitely a good story to start with but totally missed the point - how to finish with a thrill.