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Ram Arunachalam

Vellai Pookal




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Vellai Pookal – A mystery that captivates and well made!

A retired cop on a visit to his son’s place at Seattle, US gets into investigating the neighborhood kidnap enigma, which at one point falls in personal.

The veteran comedian Vivek as protagonist hits a maximum as the retired cop Rudran from TN investigating the kidnap mystery in Seattle neighborhood, with an intriguing attitude and bold natured characterization. The finest dimension of actor Vivek had been brought out, which none of the creators have explored earlier. Hats off to the makers! A scene where Vivek cries on a situation is proof that the actor still has immense to deliver on various roles!

Charlie – Another gem in a supporting role as Vivek’s neighborhood resident in the US… is a perfect cast amongst other supporting roles.

The way Vivek expresses “Life in the US” as “Kambi illatha Jail” is hilarious and factual truth.

The sync of parallel track mystery has been well brought out and rightly justified at the end.

With the entire movie been shot in and around Seattle, the debutant director Vivek Elangovan’s screenplay and film-making behold the viewer from start till the end, with a whodunit mode.

More producers like Dhigha Sekaran and Ajay Sampath should emerge in Kollywood, to make a quality movie such as this, which had given more focus on the script and characterization, than the star powers.

Verdict: Unfold this mystery!

My Rating: 6.5 / 10

Review by ~ Ram Arunachalam

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