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Srikanth Bandaru

28 October 2019      5:17PM




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A mass movie above cartoon-like heroism

I do not like mass masala movies which tend to make the hero character to be super strong (hitting people out of the streets-strong), talking in punchlines (almost even to himself in mirror) and hyper-emotional (owing to which, he'd be taking law into his own hands and hits/kills people by his own morality and law). To me, the more a heroic character is hyped, the more such set up looks illogical, cartoon-like and for kids. But then, who doesn't want their ideal heroic character to be powerful and emotional, throwing smart one-liner replies? Well, I do too but his actions, their reasons, his attitude and his logic must make sense to me. I feel the proportions of these basic ingredients in a heroic character (his moral structure, emotional quotient and strength) vary across individual audience. The likeability of such characters across such people of various tastes determines both the movie's success and the audience's so-called 'pulse'. Bigil, to me is a success of both audience (in growing above the cartoon-like heroism) and the director (in striking a balance between human emotion and super human convictions/abilities of the character).

I'm not a Tamilian but have watched a lot of Vijay's songs and a few of his films. I never respected Vijay too much for his songs because he looked like a guy who always looks at the camera smiling while dancing and hence is more like 'conversing with the audience' (as much as a narrator) than 'being involved in the context of the song'. Bigil is a movie I watched on one of my Tamil friend's insistence. For the first time, I was overtook by the intensity and involvement of Vijay in a character. To me, his acting seemed really convincing to cater to the plot. I am not yet a Vijay fan, but an admirer for this one, for sure.

A.R. Rahman, as always, enhanced the depths of feel in almost all the scenes of the movie. The songs were emotionally connecting. Because Rahman (as I see him) is a person who has a purity and completeness in his emotions, it becomes easy for him to touch the depths of a human emotion in his music that rarely others can, but it equally becomes hard for him to create music that shows a fake and super-hyped emotion. I felt all the songs were good but I couldn't really feel much in a song that was made purely to be a publicity stunt for pumping up people's enthu into the character. To me, Rahman must only deal with real emotions and he only failed to impress when he was asked to do otherwise.

Coming to director Atlee, Vijay is a well-known actor to him professionally and I think his opinion and assessment of Vijay's abilities ripened with his previous works with Vijay, to make such perfect choice of choosing him as the lead for this one. The direction, story and screenplay were sensible and believable. I liked the way the narration flowed like water, keeping you intact with the central sense of it all. The actresses were beautiful and acted to suit. t
Thanks to their beautiful presence and some good acting.

All in all, it is an inspiring, exciting, emotional and most of all, believable story. I say again, I am thankful to the audience for growing up in their standards of understanding and appreciating less cartoon-like heroism too.

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