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Ifteqar Hussain

04 October 2019      12:07AM




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Joker - a DC marvel

The film tells the story about a mild-mannered clown Arthur Fleck's descent into violence on the crime and poverty ridden streets of 1981 Gotham. Unlike the Joker of countless DC Comics, TV shows, and movies, who always had a legion of goons waiting to fight the Dark Knight at his say so, this new movie’s Joker is essentially alone in the world. In this film, he’s the one on the receiving ends of multiple beatings. He’s also yelled at by strangers, insulted by women, and threatened by his boss even though he’s done nothing wrong. Fleck, a mentally ill man who’s on several medications, and works at a “rent-a-clown” job to pay the bills as he works to figure out how to be a stand-up comedian. He loses his job and the mandated therapy that he goes to also shuts down due to lack of funding. When he’s had it enough he snaps and feels much better after he commits his heinous crime against people he feels deserve it.

Joaquin Phoenix is amazing as Joker. He throws everything he has at the role. It’s an amazing movie. You should definitely go and watch it.

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