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Dyne Chennoth

04 September 2019      10:44AM




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A Divine Heart & Spirited Soul Brimmed With Unconditional Love…That’s AMBILI!

Human emotions and their corresponding mood swings are interlocked in an erratic manner so that we can’t even foresee the impact! The beauty is that here it churns out to be immensely heart-warming as the plot is executed by the writer himself. Few decades after the demise of legendary writers-directors Bharathan and Pamarajan, we have a rightful successor John Paul George in the driver seat of Ambili. If Guppy showcased intense love for mother, Ambili is a sparkling bottle of endless love portrayed meticulously by Saubin Shahir. Right from the creative head behind Parava, followed by the delightful Majeed (Sudani from Nigeria), grounded Saji (Kumbalangi Nights) and dreadful Unnikrishnan (Virus); Soubin continues to wow the audience with each passing film.

Ambili’s life is dedicated to his childhood lover Tina (Tanvi Ram) and her brother Bobby (Naveen Nazim). His day begins by playing cricket with a bunch of kids followed by the video chat with Tina. He keeps arguing with kinder groups during their playtime but holds them closer even after Tina’s advice to elude them. He gets off home to collect the monthly rent for his property but returns empty-handed owing to his innocence and childish nature. It is quite easy for someone to exploit Ambili, but at the same time, it is extremely hard to be alike Ambili. You can tease him, humiliate him and assault him brutally; but never ever able to lessen his deep-rooted love and compassion towards fellow beings.

Tina and Bobby are clocked at opposite directions in the life of Ambili. The former is deeply attached to him whereas the latter is in search of detaching Ambili from his life. Tina has a deep insight on how to maintain the relationship as she is aware of the pitfalls if she dumps him. On the other hand, Bobby who shot to fame instantly as a national cyclist damn cares about Ambili’s friendship which he cherished from childhood. Having met with bipolar disorder, Ambili is affable and inevitable to the villagers and Bobby’s family for any help; but when it comes to marriage, he becomes imperfect by all means. The misery dealt by Ambili in this situation is minimal as he is in constant search of being a lifelong companion to the dear ones despite his limitations.

Towards the second half, Ambili turns instrumental in uniting an age-old couple after winning their heartfelt blessings. Similarly, the North Indian doctor whom he met during the journey was mighty impressed following Ambili’s caring attitude. In short, Ambili made his presence felt in every nook and corner of people’s mind with his positive vibe. At times, the movie shrinks towards a one-man show with hardly any twists in the predictable storyline, but we didn’t feel any lag for a single moment; courtesy to the vibrant Ambili who shines with his one-liners and charming expressions towards the end. The climax scene was too emotional for even neutral viewers and Soubin scores big with his career-best performance till date. It feels like the world itself appears too small and irrelevant when compared to Ambili in terms of upholding human emotions and benevolence. In a nutshell, the movie emphasis the emergence, existence, and evolution of so many Ambilis among this greedy commercialized mankind.

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