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Soumya Pattanayak

Mission Mangal
15 August 2019      5:33PM




Leading Actors

Supporting Actors

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Background Score

Visual Effects

When Dream comes true

The Mangalyan mission made the India first asian country and 4 th in the world to reach in the martian orbit and 1st in the world to do in its first attempt.
It is one of the cheapest interplanetary space mission till date throughout the world and the the total cost of the mission is approximately 454 Crores and the budget is less than the budget of many hollywood movies.
The concept used in this project to overcome lots of obstacles and hard challenges, is completely indigenous. The success of this mission proved the ability of the scientists in IISRO and made the organisation one of the best space research centre in the world. It also proves the women empowerment.
The movie basically on these aforesaid facts. All the actors played their role very well. But, Vidya Balan and Akhshay Kumar are just mind blowing, and marvellous. A song related to the cleaning of Mars research center is seemed to be unnecessary. Otherwise the movie just spell-bounded.

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