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Srikanth Bandaru

Oh Baby
08 July 2019      2:19AM      375
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Satisfactorily lively!

It is hard to direct, write, act and compose music for a comedy movie because it has to have a summation effect to create an instance of humor or to fail at it. I tend to have a special appreciation for everyone who participates in making a humorous movie with good work in it than any other genre except for horror, which should be equally well-made. 'Oh Baby' was a pleasant surprise which turned a non-excited me to enter the show. Here's why -

It is a fresh concept though age flipping is an old idea and Samantha made the lead character instantly believable and relatable with her incredible acting skills, beauty, and aura. The screenplay was crisp with not much lag and some great skill was put in the writing department. Colors were lively, owing to the understanding of the cinematographers and editors. A couple of songs seemed unnecessary yet pretty much bearable for the actors' liveliness.

All in all, the movie turned out to be pretty light-hearted with a well-measured heaviness of emotions and sensible wit, making this an unexpectedly enriching movie experience for me. Special ode to the direction for mixing right proportions of all elements and making a satisfactorily lively movie.