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Soumya Pattanayak

Article 15




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Article 15: Right to equality

True fact based movie Article 15 may have some controversial part but the plot selected for this movie is very common practice in India and it has been running over the past few decades. The vedic culture, one of the oldest culture of world, did not teach us caste system, it categorised the people on the basis of Karma (Action) and guna (quality) which should be the base of any society. As old as the civilization, the more it is deteriorated and it is inevitable. The deterioration reach at its paramount and people is thinking it as societal balance. Macaulay education system can not change this thought process, we, the habitant of India, need to come out from this thought process and change the distorted tradition. Acting Ayusman is always brilliant and he has played a great role like always. The supporting characters are also impeccable. I will suggest everyone to watch this movie once in multiplex as it is really worthy to watch.
Jai Hind.

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