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Powerful movie by fearless RGV

RGV to me, became an undisputed God of publicity and guts with this movie. I never saw someone making a whole movie about the acts of backstabbing successfully done by a CURRENT CM and his PARTY and announcing that right on the face, that too repeasing JUST BEFORE THE ELECTIONS. Next, most people in the state knew what happened in this backstabbing event. But pulling off a publicly known story as a hit needs pure excellence.

The impact of RGVs publicity for this movie is so deep that high court of Andhra gave a stay on it JUST THE NIGHT BEFORE THE RELEASE DAY, fearing the impact it would have on upcoming elections on Telugu Desam Party and Chandra Babu Naidu. Such tremendous impact of making a CM run to court to bring a stay with fear is something I never ever watched. So Salutes to RGV for the offscreen cinema even before its release.

Coming to the movie, it is a story in public domain with some unknown intricacies revealed. For a movie dealing with an old couple and a middle aged man with political agenda, it was shot really well. Music by KALYANI MALIK needs special applause for breathing extra life and melody into many many scenes. Actors Vijay, Yagna and Sri Teja were exceptional. I especially liked Sri Teja's performance as CBN. Dramatic scenes were staged well, excepting a length problem here and there. All in all, this movie is a definite once-watch as all the secret-revealing movies are.

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