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Marrne Bhi Do Yaaron


15 November 2019

130 minutes



Directed by : Kashmira Shah

Produced by : Boo Filmz





Leading Actors

Supporting Actors

Original Songs

Background Score

Visual Effects


Krushna Abhishek as Time
Rishaab Chauhaan as Raj
Rajesh Puri
Kishwar Merchant


When life seems meaningless and futile to Raj (Rishaab Chauhaan), he decides to take the extreme step of committing suicide. A bystander who insists on helping him as she is in need of money. Her job is to kill him painlessly. Time plays a very important role in everyone's lives and it's because of a bad time that our young man wants to die but if time is not on anyone's side a task like dying is not easy.


  There is no review for this movie yet. Why don't you review this one for the first time.

  There is no review for this movie yet. Why don't you review this one for the first time.

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