When Sardar (Sunil Shetty) adopts Krishna (Kichcha Sudeep), he is destined to be a fierce wrestler. But when Krishna falls in love with Rukmini (Aakanksha Singh), their affair leads to some unexpected consequences. The multilingual (Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu) movie 'Pehlwaan' is not just a sports-drama, it is a story of father-son bonding with a splash of Krishna-Rukmini love story. Essentially this movie marks the launch of Suniel Shetty’s debut in Kannada cinema. It’s amazing to see Suniel Shetty back on-screen in a lead role after a long time. So, let's check how netizens all around the movie industries are reacting after watching 'Pehlwaan'. But first, check this awesome trailer once more.

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